About us

Thank you for visiting mekongcoco.com website.

Mekong Coco is a family workshop located in Tien Giang – a province in the Mekong Delta. There is grown up a lot of coconut, bamboo, rice and many kinds of fruit trees… So, the local material source is very large in types and quantity, as well as in very good quality.

Currently, people only export about 60% of agricultural products to other places. Main export products are secondary crop, agricultural products, fresh fruits…

Therefore, Mekong Coco wants to promote distribution and find reseller for handmade processing product and DIY, include products of our family as well as those of people around, such as items from wood / bamboo / coconut shell, bricks, pottery… to domestic customers and international friends who love craft products from nature.

Mekong Coco have a small store in Ho Chi Minh City with the aim of distributing products more easily.

Finally, Mekong Coco would like to thank all of our friends, partners and customers for supporting Mekong Coco on its way.

Thank you.

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