Natural Coconut coconut oil shampoo 650ml hair-regrowth strong-smooth-soft hair


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Shampoo from natural ingredients
for daily hair care, restores dry hair and smoothes hair.

Coconut Oil Natural Shampoo is a combination of rose essential oil and natural coconut oil to help hair care, restore damaged hair, anti hairfall, recover dry hair, make hair strong-smooth-soft, hair regrowth, reduce hair loss caused by dyeing-curling-straightening.

No silicone, no paraben preservatives

For a long time, coconut oil has been used by many people for hair care because the nutrients in coconut oil make hair soft and strong, improve hair structure, and nourish healthy daily skin.

When using natural coconut oil shampoo, you do not need to use conditioner or other hair conditioners, but your hair is still healthy and not sticky.

Natural coconut oil shampoo made from natural ingredients is suitable for all hair types, and not allergic like other industrial shampoos. Natural ingredients from coconut, safe for users.

Natural coconut oil shampoo will be an effective solution to help solve the problems of dry hair, tangles hair, dandruff, brittle hair, itchy scalp.

Volume: 650ml
12 items/carton box

Origin: Ben Tre, Vietnam
Products registered for cosmetic announcement: 077/19/CBMP/-BT

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If you are living in Vietnam, we can ship with Cash On Delivery (COD) method to you easily by carriers. If you are living outside Vietnam, please contact us.

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We list prices in VND (currency unit of Vietnam). Please convert to your currency unit at the current exchange rate. Thank you very much.

Are you have certainly about origin?

Yes. We do all the steps ourselves, from coconut processing, saponification, to packaging. Our agricultural hometown is full of raw materials, and we make products with the trait of our hometown.